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released October 23, 2014

Recorded, mixed, performed and written by Rami Vierula in Helsinki and Hämeenlinna during the summer of 2014. Mastered by Sampsa Väätäinen.



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23:23 Helsinki, Finland

23:23 is lo-fi music made at night. Based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Track Name: American Graffiti
You could ease my heavy burden
You could light the night sky
Just give me your hand now baby
I'll take you for a ride
I'll take you for a ride

We’ll cruise through the neon city center
To the outskirts of this town
We'll kiss and fight, make love to make up
Drive deeper into the night, deeper into the night
Track Name: Teenage Wife
I wasn’t part of the cool kids club
Nothing but a sad face in the crowd
But when I saw you by the stairs
Baby I knew it then and there

Wrote my number on a post-it note
Made sure you’d see it on your locker door
It said ”I’ll stop the wars, I’ll stop the time
if you call me my to-be teenage wife”

I’m waiting by the telephone

It’s two years since we’ve last seen
But I’m still waiting patiently
I’ve built a shrine with a bunch of stuff
That really creeps my sisters out

They say ”open your eyes boy and see
You and her were never meant to be
She’ll never share your life
She’ll never be your teenage wife”

I’m dying by the telephone
Track Name: Stalker
Everyday I watch you from afar
Hanging your laundry and watering the lawn
Then when the night falls you slip into something more comfortable
And I’ll be right there behind your bedroom window

Everyday you take the bus downtown
You go tell the kids about planets, black holes and stars
I wouldn’t mind you teaching me some astronomy
Or about the secrets of female anatomy

Then the day comes when you’ve moved on
I wait and wait but you're no longer around
You never knew I existed
Or how I stayed beside you like a shadow, like a guardian angel
Now that you’ve gone who’s gonna watch your back
Pre-check your mail in case of an Anthrax attack?
Track Name: Winona
Wi-Wi-Wi-Winona c’mon girl let me hold ya
I’ll wipe the tears from your sad sad sad eyes
If you got a problem, I’ll find you a solution
I’m not afraid of anything oh why should I be?

Wi-Wi-Winona let me be good to ya
Serve you breakfast in bed and play you some jazz
If you wanna stay for long, you might get bored
I got no tv or wifi so it’s just you and I

Just you and I (WiWiWiinona)
Just you and I
Track Name: Never Gonna End
I’ve been hiding from responsibilities for the better part of the century
Oh it’s true, girl you know it’s true
I’ve been living like a teenage boy, anxious heart, head full of noise
Oh it’s true, by now you know it’s true

I’ve been here before
In the calm eye of the storm

And it’s never gonna end
I can’t move on

I gave my life to melancholia, I was 15, just read Nausea
Oh it’s true, I know you know it’s true
I’ve met many girls I could’ve loved but really I’ve wanted only one
Oh it’s true, babe you should know it’s true

I’ve seen this before
Stuck in the eye of the storm

And it’s never gonna end
Track Name: Tropicture
Oh I’m living the time of my life
No longer letting it pass me by
Everyday holds a new surprise
When I’m living in paradise
Falling asleep under the open sky

Hula girls treat my broken soul
With coconut milkshakes cold and long
There’s nothing I could really miss right now
Seychelles baby won’t you let me drown
In these turquoise sounds leading me softly into a dream
Track Name: Trouble
Girls, Girls, Girls mean trouble I know

Redheads, brunettes, girls mean trouble I know
Blondies with eyes like Bambi…
They say ”I just want your heart and your loving arms”…
But they’ll eat you alive and burn your insides…

When I was young I had the same problem…
I understand it’s tough being a man…
I was faithfull as a bull…
Said ”I love you but I love her too”…

Oh believe me I know

Girls, Girls, Girls mean trouble I know
Track Name: Old Country
Take the next train away from here
Leave this hopeless place behind
Nothing to carry, nothing to declare
No sins to wash off or confess
Do you realize this could be your last chance?

Leave with past stains on your body and skin
Arrive all cleansed and new
Redefine who you’ll be what you’ll become
No more dark thoughts holding you down
Maybe you can change just by skipping town?

Take the train through the old country
I can’t leave but darling you can
Go somewhere south where old men play petanque
And the swallows sing free through the night
Track Name: Soon Better
Can we forget all the fights I’ve started
Not go into detail of every crime I’ve committed

’cos soon I’m getting better (I just wanna feel fine)
Soon I’m getting better (I’d settle even for ”alright”)
Just need a little more time

Burn my old clothes, my old self in all its misery
Burn the pills that made my hair break into pieces

Soon I’m getting better ( I just wanna feel fine)
Soon I’m getting better ( I’d settle even for alright)
Can you give me more time