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Christer Nuutinen
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Christer Nuutinen I was quite astonished to learn that these sounds actually were made by a contemporary in my close neighbourhood in Helsinki, not in a forgotten studio in some alternative reality.

"Torero" is packed tight with post-nervous breakdown garage-pop goodies in a spirit of Robert Pollard and Dirty Beaches. Favorite track: Above Magic.
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released February 25, 2013

Written, recorded, performed and mixed by Rami Vierula in Helsinki, Kallio. Additional drums recorded in Hämeenlinna. Mastered by Kia-Sofia "Kiiski" Ryhänen. Album art by Rami Vierula.



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23:23 Helsinki, Finland

23:23 is lo-fi music made at night. Based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Track Name: Redheads
Short shorts, eyes shaded black
Summer streets, romance attacks
Knee highs and flaming hair

I really like redheads, I do

Pale legs need sunscreen
Like napalm needs gasoline
I lost my heart years ago

I really like redheads, I do
Track Name: Backwards
I've felt cold in the warmest places
It sounds odd but it's real
Feel me shiver in the heat wave sunshine

(oh ooh oh)

I hear music in quiet places
Baltic sea shore rock'n'roll
See me dancing in an anechoic chamber

(oooh oh ooh)

My room is brightest after midnight
When all the lights are turned off
And you walk in lady brightest angel

(ooh oh ohh)
Track Name: All of My Heart
I send you my fingers so you can touch me wherever you are
See the world through my eyeballs, wear my skin when you're cold
Dye your hair with my blood

You got all of my heart babe

Lay my ears next to a speaker and play me a mixtape of songs that you love
Piece by piece I'm yours dear
Never far, always near until the end of time

You got all of my heart babe

A skull and a pile of white bones
Ten fingers and toes
Lips that whisper you nice things when you're all alone
I'll give you every little piece and every part
Of my body and my heavy beating heart

(You got all of my heart babe)
Track Name: Memories
This song is for the girl I loved when life was wild and beautiful
When kisses burned lips for hours and streets looked like a movie set
A long time ago

This heart was punctured by arrows, these eyes were blinded by flames
Take me back so I can see you
Sitting on the swing, listening to teenage love songs
A long time ago
Track Name: Bands!
Hey sweet sunshine let me take you out this time
Let's go and see some bands tonight

Hey honey pie you look so bored and fine
Let's go and see some bands tonight

Hey crystal eyes, you've lit my heart on fire
Let's go and see some bands tonight

Hey sexy you appeared in my wet dream
Let's go and see some bands tonight

Hey baby let's do it slowly
Let's go and see some bands tonight
Track Name: Above Magic
I read a book about magic but it didn't mention anything about your secret tactic of how to steal all attention

Yes you're above magic, yeah you are babe
I'm always seeing something that's not clear babe

I watched a movie about Houdini, I sure could use his techniques
To escape from these shackles, 'cos you've chained my body

You're above magic, yeah you are babe
I must be under a spell 'cos I can't fight these feelings...magical feelings
Track Name: Zombie
I'm allergic to sunbeams
I've been living like a zombie
Blinds drawn, denying what's going on

I tried being with others
But they just made my head hurt
Nobody gets me like you girl

And you were right when you said I'm alone in my dead world
Your world's nicer and the birds sing pretty tunes
But they won't let me leave this dark place
My passport expired in May 1992

Please don't give up on me
I'll try to act like a human being
Just hold me tight, stay near me tonight
Track Name: Last Night
Last night was good but now it's all over
Perfumed memories on your blouse
Stick with me 'til the sun sets again
Smoking Backwoods in the shade
Idle hours and minutes thrown away without shame

Last night we were close but now we're further
Our love's distorted by the sun
Bare with me and I'll take you out of here
To a new city somewhere
Away from worry and responsibilities